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Physical Specifications
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The orbichron clock exhibits the elegance of a traditional analog timepiece while maintaining the accuracy derived from the latest in microprocessor technology.  With its variety of sweep displays and chime modes, this clock is indeed a unique chronometer.

We recently captured some new video of one of the production clocks displaying the cycling through the various sweep modes. Although it normally takes two minutes to complete the cycle through all eight sweep modes, this video clip only shows a few seconds of each...note the occasional transition wipes.


Features & Specifications

Sweep Display

Forward Sweep

Reverse Sweep
One-Second Reversing Sweep
Two-Second Reversing Sweep
Bounce Sweep
Dual Opposing Sweep
Quad Opposing Sweep
Weight Pendulum Sweep

Continuous Cycle Through All of the Above

No Sweep Display (Disabled)

Chime Modes

Chime the Hours on the Hour with Quarter-Hour Dings

Chime the Hours on the Hour with No Quarter-Hour Dings
Chime Traditional Ship's Bells
No Chimes (Disabled)

Programmable Chime Off Window

24 Hour Alarm Clock Function

Physical Characteristics

Size - 5 x 2 x 5˝" (127 x 51 x 140MM) Width x Depth x Height

Weight - 6˝ oz. (184g) Net of Wall Transformer

Power Requirements

120VAC Input Voltage

50 or 60Hz Line Frequency

Enhanced Power Failure Operations Mode

3 Year Limited Warranty




Click on the following link to download or view the Operations Guide...note that it is presented in a format designed for two-sided printing on two folded, 8˝ x 11" sheets.  Due to a last minute modification with regard to a default setting, there are two different versions of the Operations Guide:  Version 1.01 is relevant to the first 270 units produced, while Version 1.02 is for the units delivered after that.  The difference is that the first clocks have the hours-on-the-hour with the quarter-hour dings as the default chime mode versus the hours-on-the-hour with NO quarter-hour dings.  Due to some required graphical figure changes it was deemed necessary to publish two separate Operations Guides:

    ODC-108D-SA Operations Guide Version 101.PDF    (491KB)

    ODC-108D-SA Operations Guide Version 102.PDF    (607KB)

to view the PDF files above.



(All prices are quoted in US dollars.)


Model # MSRP* Your Price**
Black Case w/Chrome Legend ODC-108D-SA-BC $120 $90
Black Case w/Gold Legend ODC-108D-SA-BG $120 $90
Chrome-Plated Case w/Chrome Legend ODC-108D-SA-CC $130 $97
Gold-Plated Case w/Gold Legend ODC-108D-SA-GG $130 $97
Tortoise Shell Case w/Gold Legend ODC-108D-SA-TG $130 $97

*Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

**Limited Time Introductory Direct Sales Price


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