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The original orbichron® clock was first introduced in 1981. It is a microprocessor controlled, digital timepiece with an LED analog display presented in an aesthetically pleasing cabinet consisting of natural wood and black-anodized, brushed aluminum alloy. Hours are displayed in 15 minute or quarter-hour increments on the inner ring of 48 amber LEDs, while minutes, seconds, and the optional sweep are shown via the outer ring of 60 red LEDs. The orbichron clock has three sweep options: off, normal forward motion, alternating forward and reverse each second.
In a technological world where utilitarianism litters the home and workplace with digital clocks, the orbichron clock blends the beauty and elegance of traditional analog timepieces...approaching kinetic art.

The orbichron clock indeed represents a unique form of timekeeping. The name is a derivation of the device's function: orbiting-digital-chronometer. That is to say, the clock is 100% solid-state (no moving parts), uses advanced microprocessor technology, and displays time via LEDs (light-emitting-diodes) in a format that emulates a traditional analog timepiece. However, in addition to hours, minutes and seconds, the orbichron clock sweeps at a rate of 60 cycles per second; a dramatic display that is not only eye-catching, but on the very threshold of being hypnotic.

Performance and aesthetics combine in a sleek, graceful cabinet highlighted with your choice of either natural, solid wood or polished metal panels. The black-anodized, brushed aluminum face accents the soft glow of red and amber LEDs while enabling the orbichron clock to enhance any decor. A matching black pedestal detaches to facilitate wall mounting.








oak teak walnut




Available wood finishes are oak, teak and walnut. Or you may select the black, chrome or gold anodized polished aluminum sides. The face and rear panels are detailed with gold legending, with the exception of the chrome aluminum version which is accented in silver ink.

small orbichron

For more intimate spaces, the orbichron clock is available in a smaller design of simpler lines in a black finish with chrome legending. This case design incorporates an integrated pedestal.








physical dimensionsAccuracy

The orbichron clock's accuracy is dependent upon the 60Hz frequency generated by all domestic power companies. In the United States this frequency is maintained and periodically corrected by comparison to the atomic time standard at the National Bureau of Standards in Boulder, Colorado.

Power Requirements

Power is supplied by a 6VAC adapter rated at 160mA. The cost of operating this clock is well under one dollar per year.


The orbichron clock is warranted against electronic failure under normal use and conditions for a period of two years from the date of purchase.















orbichron backsmall orbichron back


Operating Instructions

Key Switches

Sweep Defeat (Mode) - This switch allows the user to selectively turn off the sweep display, or restore its two operating modes. Normally, the display sweeps clockwise continuously. However, by keying the switch once again, the sweep reverses direction each second at the top of its travel.
Hold - When this button is depressed, all counting will cease, and will not resume until the switch is subsequently released. Note that the sweep function is reset by this action thereby allowing synchronization to a standard time reference.
Mins and Hours Advance - These two switches respectively advance the minute and hour indicators. When setting the time, key first the minutes, then the hours button until the proper time display is achieved. Keep in mind that the hours are delineated in fifteen minute intervals.


Power Failure - In the event of a power failure, the clock will restart at 12:00:00 and the hours, minutes and seconds display will flash to indicate the need for resetting the time. Pushing any of the four switches restores the normal display.
Maintenance - Having no moving parts, the orbichron clock requires no periodic maintenance, and its surfaces may be easily cleaned when necessary.

orbichron w/metal sides



Pricing (Note: These products are currently unavailable!)

(All prices are quoted in US dollars.)


Model #

Small Black Case w/Chrome Legend


Standard Case w/Oak Sides & Gold Legend ODC-108-O $250
Standard Case w/Teak Sides & Gold Legend ODC-108-T $270
Standard Case w/Walnut Sides & Gold Legend ODC-108-W $280
Standard Case w/Polished, Black-Anodized Aluminum Sides & Gold Legend ODC-108-B $290
Standard Case w/Polished, Clear-Anodized Aluminum Sides & Chrome Legend ODC-108-C $300
Standard Case w/Polished, Gold-Anodized Aluminum Sides & Gold Legend ODC-108-G $290

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