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As of Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Here's hoping you all had a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday.  I'm thankful that the first shipment of the new small orbichron clocks arrived today.  In the next few days I will be doing additional quality inspections, photographing the various models, and finalizing the configuration of the new online e-store.  For those of you who have already placed orders, they will ship by the end of the week...barring any unforeseen occurrences!

One mention I would like to make is that of many thanks to Craig Crossman of Florida for insistently twisting my arm about adding the continuous cycle mode of the sweeps.  While we had planned for it initially, we had abandoned the idea due to limited code space in the micro-controller.  Now I can't imagine not having it!

Look for new pics, new video, and the Orbichronics e-store soon...  

Respectfully yours,

Jason A. Fisher

President, Orbichronics Corporation

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