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As of Tuesday, October 9, 2001

The 2001 holiday season is drawing near, and I'm aware that many of you are looking forward to stuffing a few stockings with orbichron clocks.  Keep your fingers crossed, and quite possibly there will be product available in mid November.

A few weeks ago we received a first-article orbichron clock from Hangzhou, China.  There are a few tooling issues yet to iron out, and some long lead-time components to obtain, but overall things are progressing quite well.  Below are some quick and dirty shots of a prototype and the alternate finishes...note that these are rough as the tooling has not been polished and hardened as yet, and everything has been handled extensively.  The case will be available in basic black, chrome or gold plated, and a simulated wood grain that is very similar to tortoise-shell.  The base and faceplate are black-anodized aluminum.  The legending on the faceplate will be silk-screened in chrome ink (on black) to accent the chrome-plated case and as an option for the black case, and gold ink to accompany the other case finishes.

To view the previous status update and/or to see the demo video, click Up and then the 7/28/01 Status link at the left.  

Thank you again for your patience,

Jason A. Fisher

President, Orbichronics Corporation

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